Sensorbility Ltd.

Sensorbility Ltd.
West Prawle House
East Portlemouth, Salcombe
Devon TQ8 8PW

tel: ++44(0)1548 511498
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Lasers and Laser Sensors

LAP has been supplying laser systems for alignment, positioning and non-contact measurement since 1984. In close cooperation with their customers they develop solutions to meet customer specific working conditions.

LAP design, manufacture and install optical systems, electronics, mechanical assemblies and application software.

Industrial Lasers for Alignment and Positioning
LAP Linelasers emit a coherent beam of light of high intensity, small diameter and low divergence. This beam can be seen as a bright red or green spot or line, whenever it hits an object.

LAP Laser Measurement Technology
Non-contact measurement provides a new approach to production and quality control. All materials can now be measured precisely, even sensitive materials (e.g. hot, soft, sticky, elastic, sterile or moving).

LAP products include

  • Distance sensors, measurement ranges 10-200mm (Laser triangulation)
  • Distance sensors, measurement ranges 300mm-10m (Laser triangulation)
  • CCD line cameras, high resolution Laser Micrometer, measurement ranges 0,02mm-300mm
  • Longometer (Laser Doppler Velocimeter)

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