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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far away from the faceplate does my hand have to be to switch the Sensor Pad or Sensor Switch?

    The short answer is about 30mm for the Sensor Switch and about 15mm for the Bathroom Switch Sensor Switch Pad. There are a number of influences, which can affect the range; these include the actual material you have chosen as your faceplate, the thickness of this material and the overall size of the faceplate. Also you will get a smaller distance when using a finger than when using the palm of your hand.

  • Can I increase the sensing range?

    Yes it is possible to do this—it is mostly done in the case of the Bathroom Switch Sensor Pad but the following is just as relevant to the Sensor Switch itself.:-

    The sensing field of The Sensor Pad increases once fitted to a tile - If you need to further increase the range, solder a short (100mm) piece of wire to the solder hole provided and fix this as shown using silicone and insulating tape to the rear of the tile. The size of the additional “antennae” will determine the additional sensing range you will achieve. Do not attempt to create too large a field as you could experience switching problems. There are other suggestions so please call us before using this suggestion. (please see Sensor Pad installation instructions)

  • Can I cover either the Sensor Pad or Sensor Switch with plaster?

    It is potentially possible to do this and to still be able to operate the switch, however we do not recommend it as this sort of installation is fraught with problems!

  • Can I fix the Sensor Switch to a tile as part of a tiled wall in a bathroom?

    Yes but please see the Bathroom Zones diagram. Because of the low dc voltage used by the Bathroom Switch’s Sensor Pad we would always recommend its use in bathrooms and wet areas.

  • Will the Bathroom Switch controller work with only a single Sensor Pad?

    Yes, any number from 1 to 6 pads can be used as well as the inclusion of a further conventional switch if required. It is possible to switch the Controller with more than 6 sensor pads—please contact us with your requirements.

  • Will the Sensor Switch work with low voltage transformers?

    Yes, the ON/OFF and Dimmer switches will both operate most wire-wound (resistive) transformers - we do not recommend using Sensor Switches with electronic transformers. If you need to switch an electronic transformer our Bathroom Switch will do this.

  • Can I operate an extractor fan with the Bathroom Switch?

    Yes the Bathroom Switch will operate a fan on its own or with lighting so long as the maximum wattage of the controller is not exceeded. It is also possible to operate a fan as well as dimming lights on the same controller, see the wiring diagrams section where there is a schematic for this.

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